Matlab vs/ Python NoteΒΆ


As of April 2013, this version of the documentation is no longer maintained; however, it is consistent with the last (now retired) version of CODAS processing that used Matlab. We no longer update or fix the Matlab processing code, but we will maintain the Matlab code that reads CODAS Matlab output. Although the notes refer to both Python and Matlab processing, none of the code here will be maintained. This (now retired) documentation and code will remain available for awhile longer.

Python processing code is actively maintained and developed, and CODAS Python processing is documented here.

Every effort is made for

  • to be internally consistent
  • to prompt the user if something is missing
  • to have decent defaults for most common circumstances


In this version of the documentation and associated code, your copy of should refer to an option --proc_engine. If it does not, you should upgrade your CODAS code to this version, or better yet, install the all-python processing. If you have trouble, but you are using the old code, don’t expect much help...

more notes caches some commandline options in a file called dbinfo.txt. Don’t edit it by hand. updates it as you use command-line options.


  • If you run the first stage of processing with Matlab (for example, to process ENS data) and want to run the post-processing in Python you must specify the --proc_engine python option. will then use Python (not Matlab) for further processing and will cache the proc_engine value in dbinfo.txt for the next run.
  • If you are post-processing a UHDAS dataset that was processed at sea using Matlab code, then there is no dbinfo.txt file. Just go ahead and specify the missing information as you are prompted. Once has enough information, it will write the values out to dbinfo.txt and proceed. You will probably have to provide values for --cruisename, --sonar, proc_engine, and possibly --beamangle.