Useful tools


As of April 2013, this version of the documentation is no longer maintained; however, it is consistent with the last (now retired) version of CODAS processing that used Matlab. We no longer update or fix the Matlab processing code, but we will maintain the Matlab code that reads CODAS Matlab output. Although the notes refer to both Python and Matlab processing, none of the code here will be maintained. This (now retired) documentation and code will remain available for awhile longer.

Python processing code is actively maintained and developed, and CODAS Python processing is documented here.

Many of these tools require the full Python CODAS installation. In all cases, you will need to type the name with --help to get more information about usage.

Setup for CODAS processing
  • link files from multiple legs (OSX,linux)
  • remake rbins (gets most of them; do the rest manually with or (more information about rbin messages is here)
  • print out some useful information about VmDAS files
  • print out some useful information about UHDASfiles
  • plot 1-2 serial feeds (rbin files). If feeds have the same fields, plot the difference. Longitude and latitude diffs are plotted in meters
  • plot rbin positions over topography
  • plot 4 beams of raw adcp data: (velocity, amplitude or correlation)

Evaluating a CODAS processing directory : use in one of four modes

  • : view variables in a CODAS database

  • -c : compare two databases

  • -e: edit a codas database
    • call from edit/ directory
    • same as
  • -p : view singleping data as well
    • call from edit/ directory

    • assumes processing directory is correctly configured

      for full Python Processing
  • view a collection of files , eg

    • –type png : view all PNG files in a processing directory
    • *.png : view all PNG files in a directory : plot lon, lat over topography, eg:

  • nav/aship.gps : select start/end sections for dday,lon,lat eg:

  • nav/dbname.gps