These plots were generated at the University of Hawaii from data sent daily by email from the N.B.Palmer. Every hour on board the Palmer, the linux machine dedicated to ADCP data aquisition and processing updates a CODAS database by fully processing single-ping data from each of three data types: Narrowband 150KHz, Ocean Surveyor 38KHz (broadband mode) and Ocean Surveyor 38 KHz (narrowband mode).  Once a day, an email message is sent to University of Hawaii.  The email contains status updates for the computer system, data acquisition, archiving, processing, and plotting, and a sample of data form each of the three processed data types.  Samples of recent data are shown below (if no figure is available, the ship is probably in port).

link to daily email report

OS38 (narrowband)
NB150 vector plot
os38nb vector plot
nb150 contour plot os38nb contour plot