Check: UHDAS is unresponsive?


This means the buttons don’t respond, or the gui is in some way hung. This is not the same as Hopelessly Confused, which is an actual error triggered by a firmware bug.

If the UHDAS gui is in a strange state:

  1. kill the “” process:
  • enter ‘pkill’ at the command line
  1. kill the serial logging processes:
  • look for the processes,

    • ‘ps -ef | grep ser_’
  • kill them,

    • ‘pkill ser_asc’
    • ‘pkill ser_bin’
  • look again to make sure they’re gone

    • ‘ps -ef | grep ser_’
  1. remove the files in /home/adcp/flags
  • ‘rm /home/adcp/flags/*’
  1. If any DAS* processes cling to life, kill them:
  • ‘ps -ef | grep DAS’
  • ‘pkill’
  • ‘pkill’
  1. Make sure permissions are “all read write” in /dev/tty*
  • find the kind of tty (serial) lines we’re using:

    • ‘grep tty /home/adcp/config/’
  • look at the permissions for the typs of serial lines used:

    • ‘ls -l /dev/ttyS* ttyn* ttyR* tty_dgnc*’
  • if any do not have all read and all write permission:

    • (as root) ‘chmod a+rw /dev/ttyS* ttyn* ttyR* tty_dgnc*’
  1. OK to restart the UHDAS.
  • It should find the present cruise and go straight to the Control Tab.