Check: During installation

DAS does not start at all:

  • are there warnings or errors? Check /home/adcp/log for *.err and *.warn files
  • any mesage in *.warn or *.err will have more information in the matching *.log file

DAS does not start logging:

  • are the serial ports and baud rates all correct? Check

    • /home/adcp/config/
  • Check your serial messages: they should all have checksums, they should be coming in at about 1Hz. If it is more frequent than that you can subsample the input; BEWARE: Only subsample if data are more frequent than 1Hz, and subsample by a prime number to void aliasing of data streams.

  • paths and permissions:

    • do the appropriate serial ports exist?
    • do the relevant serial ports all have a+rw permission?
    • does user adcp have +rw permission in /var/lock?
    • is there a directory /home/data that user adcp can write to?
  • are there extra files in /home/adcp/flags??

    1. stop logging, end cruise, kill gui
    2. remove all files from /home/adcp/flags
    3. kill all processes with “matlab”, “DAS”, or “ser_” in them (but not the license manager)
    4. start gui, try again

Logging starts but there are no plots:

  • are there warnings or errors? Check /home/adcp/log for *.warn files. These include:

    DAS_while_logging.warn, DAS_while_logging.log