UHDAS serial port access (gui)

Description of

The UHDAS computer has a terminal emulation program for access to serial ports. The program allows the user “adcp” to

  • choose a serial port
  • change baud rate
  • change parity, stop bit, [etc]
  • send commands
  • view data on the specified serial port (often /dev/ttyUSB*)
  • capture a dialog or incoming messages

This program is written in python and tk and is accessed on the command line as:

This program can be run to look at ascii serial data streams or to communicate with an Ocean Surveyor, Workhorse, or Broadband RDI ADCP. To communicate with an NB150, use


Do not run this program to access a serial port which is in use by UHDAS or at least not while UHDAS is running. To see a list of configured ports, type:

cat /home/adcp/config/

UHDAS locks the serial ports so it will not be confused. Do not use to access any ports listed here:

ls /var/lock/tty* should not allow you to choose a serial port that is locked, but it is always safest to check. Error messages are written to the terminal window which called the program.