Configuration files


    • contains info for processing: serial feeds used, transducer alignment
    • DO NOT adjust anything in this file.

    • contains info for email, web plots, bridge plots
    • DO NOT adjust anything in this file.

    • serial logging: (baud rates, ports, messages to be logged)

      • lists all ADCP instruments as a group
      • lists all serial inputs (with ADCPs as a subset) layout

File Layout

Sections exist to
  • turn off sensors
  • set up 2-way communication with ADCPs
  • set up to collect data file layout

ADCP dialog setup

Important considerations:
  • EA command for Ocean Surveyor can be within 10deg
  • NOTE that UHDAS does not use this field to calculate earth coordinates (ADCP setup)

Serial logging setup

Important considerations:
  • ADCP code blocks must come first, in the same order as above
  • fields subdir, ext, strings, messages, opt are documented in the code. (serial logging setup)