Automated processing (“repeaters”)

nb150 and os75 (nb pings) example:

  • automatically run from /home/adcp/uhdas_tmp do not run manually

  • Information in /home/adcp/log/DAS_while_logging.log (.log.1, .log.2,...), .warn, .err:

    • time of start and commands are recorded
    • time of execution for each repeater
    • timeout (falling off the stack), errors, and warnings

300sec interval

  • 5 minutes: update gbins, make a plot -d nb150  --update_gbin --averages --plotens_mpl -d os75nb  --update_gbin --averages --plotens_mpl

1800sec Matlab

  • half-hourly – update CODAS database, make 3-day plots -d nb150 --npycalc all --mplplots all -d nb150 --use_codasdb -d os75nb  --npycalc all --mplplots all -d os75nb  --use_codasdb

3600sec matplotlib

  • hourly – update heading correction plots -s 300 --hcorr_inst ashtech  --printstats --plotdh