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Depending on what information is desired, and the history of the processing directory, information about the data acquisition and processing may be found in a variety of places.

  • CODAS processing tree from unknown origin:

    A binary program lst_cfg lists time ranges and
    • transducer angle
    • bin size
    • blanking interval
    • bottom track on/off

    If was used, the listing will exist in the adcpdb directory as DBNAME.cnh (where DBNAME is the database prefix).

  • Newer CODAS processing (after 2009) will include a file cruise_info.txt, with many of the processing parameters used

  • CODAS processing directories contain log files with
    • a history of phase and amplitude corrections applied
    • a history of calibration calculations
    • the time-dependent heading correction applied
    • averaged editing criteria applied
    • single-ping editing thresholds applied
  • older at-sea CODAS processing of UHDAS data will contain two matlab files with processing parameters (transducer angle, ancillary devices chosen) and directories used.

  • newer at-sea CODAS processing of UHDAS data will contain the same two matlab files, and the python configuration files used to generate them.

  • all UHDAS cruise distributions contain the log directory which has dialogs with the intrument, errors and warnings, time of stop/start