Network shares

All of the raw data, the preliminary processed CODAS databases, and the CODAS programs distribution can be accessed via filesystems that are exported read-only from “currents”. You should be able to mount the filesystems from any machine on the ship’s network via NFS or SAMBA (which allows Windows machines to map network drives). If these mount points do not work, see the ship’s tech (they may be serving these shares under some other name).

The following exports (network shares) are made (read only) to the ship’s network. If the present cruise is named KM1711 then

description MAC “Volumes” Windows NFS (linux)
UH programs: contains all CODAS software, used for logging processing, and plotting) programs programs /home/currents/programs
data contains raw data, processing directories, and intermediate files) for previous and present cruises

eg. data/KM1711





Windows: MapNetworkDrive

Use Map Network Drive for access to ADCP data:

click on

My Network Places
Entire Network
   Search for Computers
   (fill in): Computer name:
   doubleclick on the computer icon for "currents"

To map network drive:

right-click on "data" folder
   select R:
right-click on "programs" folder
   select S:

There may be some circumstances when this does not work or you just want a temporary connection. If so, just type the following in the “location” bar of “My Computer”:


(or under the Start Menu, select “Run” and type the same thing)

In both cases you should end up with an explorer window that has the three shared directories:

  • data
  • programs

Mac OSX ConnectToServer

In Finder, click on

 Connect to Server...

(Fill in "Server Address):
click "Connect"
click "OK" (no password)

Do the same for the programs:


Now these are mounted under

  • /Volumes/data
  • /Volumes/programs

linux NFS mount

There are several ways to access the data

  1. turn on “autofs”

On some linux systems, if autofs is installed, and /etc/auto.master has a line like the one below

/net    /etc/

Make sure it is uncommented (no # at the beginning) and restart autofs.

The path to the UH directories will be

/net/currents/home/data          # for UHDAS data
/net/currents/home/programs      # for UH programs
  1. If you prefer hard mounts, you can do something like this (make sure the mount point exists, in this case /mnt/xxx)
sudo mount -t nfs currents:/home/data  /mnt/adcp_data
sudo mount -t nfs currents:/home/currents/programs  /mnt/adcp_programs
  1. or if you know how to do samba mounts, in theory they are accessible and are shared as

The section about accessing ADCP data describes Matlab and Python methods for reading ADCP data.