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On a per-cruise basis:

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What to send home with the scientists

Scientists taking ADCP data away with them will often NOT have VmDAS available to use for reprocessing the data or understanding what parameters were used during data acquisition. Sending them the text file used during data acquisition and the heading inputs available (and what was chosen) will go a long way towards making this a complete dataset. (And they won’t have to email you for the information later)

From VmDas

  • all the files VmDAS recorded during the cruise (you might want

    to buy a DVD burner...)

  • the txt files used during acquisition (copy those from their primary location: c:Program_Files/RD_Instruments/VmDas/*.txt

Other Data

If the gyro is coming in from a serial port, then send them the files from the ship’s data recording scheme (1/second rate) of all the following instruments:

  • gyro
  • pcode positions
  • other heading source (Ashtech, POSMV, Seapath)


Make a little text file that indicates what is coming in on COM 1,2,3 (ADCP, gyro, pcode, Ashtech etc) and let the scientist know:

  • What were the instruments providing heading?
  • What was chosen as the primary heading?