Extracting CODAS data to NetCDF filesΒΆ

With CODAS Python programs and netCDF4 installed installed, CODAS data can be extracted with adcp_nc.py


Class for making shipboard adcp netcdf
files: a short form for analysis, and a long
form to approximately match the
CODAS database.

usage: adcp_nc.py dbpath outfilebase cruisetitle sonar

  - dbpath: can be the entire path to the database,
            or just the  processing directory
            (or 'adcpdb' directory) if there
            is only one database
  - outfilebase: (can include path) create netcdf
             file outfilebase.nc
  - cruisetitle: used as part of the netcdf metadata
  - sonar: eg 'os75bb', 'wh300', 'nb150'


  cd os38nb
  adcp_nc.py adcpdb  contour/os38nb  km1001c_demo os38nb

Test with this:

      adcp_ncdump.py  contour/os38nb.nc

This dumps every bin and every profile of the variables typically used:

- Decimal day    (CODAS convention: zero-based decimal day)
- Longitude
- Latitude
- Editing flags
- Received signal strength
- Depth
- Ship heading
- Zonal velocity component
- Meridional velocity component
- Ship zonal velocity component
- Ship meridional velocity component
- Percent good pings
- ADCP transducer temperature

The Python program adcp_nc.py is also capable of dumping the entire CODAS database.