How Do I ....ΒΆ

All paths are relative to the base of the processing directory (where you see dbinfo.txt, cruise_info.txt, adcpdb..)

(what to check) How Do I ... where/how to check it
... find is a summary of
processing steps?
cruise_info.txt (fill in yourself)
... find what transducer angle was used in processing?
  • adcpdb/dbname.cnh (certainly)
  • cruise_info.txt (probably)
... see instrument settings
used in data collection?
  • adcpdb/dbname.cnh
... see settings used
in old Matlab processing
in the “config” directory, ONE of these
  • cruiseid_cfg.m, cruiseid_proc.m
... see settings used
in more recent Matlab processing
in the “config” directory,
... see settings used
in all-Python processing
in the “config” directory
... determine whether a heading
correction was present?
cal/rotate/scn.hdg (variables are:
dday, h_mean, h_last, dh)
... examime the quality of
the heading correction device as applied to data
cal/rotate/ens_hcorr.asc, *.png
... tell whether a separate rotation
was applied? (or scale factor)
... examine watertrack
cal/watertrk/adcpcal.out, *.png
... examine bottomtrack
cal/botmtrk/btcaluv.out, *.png
... plot navigation?
... from codas database: ... from rbins: nav/dbname.gps --help
... look at processed data? adcpdb/dbname
... make matlab files? --steps2rerun matfiles

... view rbins?

... view ADCP raw data?  --help --help

... see a summary of uhdas files? --help
... see a summary of VmDAS files? --help
... compare data from 2 instruments? -c sonar1 sonar2
... get a modern python
configuration file for processing? --help
... know if I must
remake gbins?

With Python processing, it’s relatively fast and unless you just made them with your present code, they probably need to redone.

Any of these requires new gbins: - if they were generated with matlab - if you are changing serial inputs - if you remade the rbins

... remake gbins?
Add this line to q_py.cnt (control file)

(rename the original first)

... look at gbin or
rbin data?
  • view rbins: ...

  • programming: load and plot it yourself
    • BinfileSet (python load)
    • RbinSet (python load – uses QC)
    • read_bin.m (matlab load)
... know if I must
remake rbins?

Rarely, but these are good reasons:

  • if there are unexplained gaps in your

    data (old cruises) this might patch them

  • if there are multiple cruise legs, the

    rbins at the end of the earlier legs might not have been completed

==> REMAKE the gbins if you make new rbins

... remake rbins? --help (for UHDAS) serasc2bin --help (for VmDAS) --help (for uhdas; gets most)
... account for horizontal GPS
and ADCP separation? --steps2rerun navsteps:calib --xducer_dx X --xducer_dy Y --auto

  • X is the displacement in the port direction
  • Y is the displacement along the keel

-For details click here

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