CODAS Processing ExamplesΒΆ

The examples that follow use two datasets for practice. There are four processing examples, with associated web documentation, that use these data:

  1. postprocessing a dataset collected by UHDAS at sea
    1. processing from scratch: VmDAS LTA (averaged) data
    2. quick LTA
  2. processing from scratch: UHDAS (singleping) data
  3. processing from scratch: VmDAS ENR (singleping) data


Use the table below to determine which examples to work through to the one you really want to learn about. Each one builds on earlier ones.

choosing a demo

There is also a rudimentary “PINGDATA” demo, using the original 1993 pingdata. The “original pingdata demo” has a very detailed manual, but the manual was written for Matlab processing (so some parts are different). The new Python pingdata demo exists in the text+directory form (no html documentation) alongside the other demos, and in --help. There is not a web page for the pingdata demo.