Because we want to support a reasonable number of operating systems, versions of support code, and hardware, we no longer distribute pre-built binaries. CODAS installation requires installation of several packages from different sources, compilation of the C programs, and installation of supporting packages. This means there are several web sites to visit and programs to install, but the result is a highly functional free, open source processing package.

CODAS processing works with most datasets produced by UHDAS or VmDAS for the following RDI ADCPs:

  • OS150, OS75, OS38
  • NB150, NB300
  • WH1200, WH600, WH300
  • BB75

Partial DAS2.48 (Pingdata) support exists, and can be improved if the need arises.

Installing CODAS requires

  • a suitable operating system
  • third-party packages
  • CODAS software
  • configuration of the user’s environment

Installation can be painful or relatively easy, depending on one’s choice of operating system and level of familiarity with open source software installation in that environment.