OLD notes about Matlab versions


CODAS software is designed to run on many platforms. Executables are written in C, and scripts run in Python.

We are no longer maintaining CODAS Matlab processing. We will continue to support the programs used to read CODAS Matlab output files, raw ADCP datafiles, rbins.

begin obsolete notes

Due to compiler limitations, Windows machines must have 32-bit matlab installed, or the speedy linear interpolation component of CODAS processing will not work.

Mac and Linux machines can have 32-bit or 64-bit Matlab.


Does not support gautoedit. But there is a Python version of gautoedit that is fully functional, if you install all the Python components required for CODAS processing.

R2008, R2009

?? not tested


This is the last version that will be run on the ships.


Mathworks made at least two changes that required a change in CODAS matlab code.

1. They changed the output (handles) of many of their graphics calls, while retaining the original name (“plot”, or “contour” for example). The old behavior is still available if the first argument is ‘v6’.

2. They changed the way they save files, so that a file full of matlab variables saved with ‘save’ under R14 is not readable under R13, unless the “-v6” option is used.

Therefore, we have made the following ‘compatibility’ functions, which replicate the R13 behavior (when called under R14), and call the original program when run under R13:





In the future, there may be more added to this list, but these are sufficient to get you through ADCP processing and editing.

NOTE that for the moment, the “m_map” package may not run under R14.