CODAS ProcessingΒΆ


As of April 2013, this version of the documentation is no longer maintained; however, it is consistent with the last (now retired) version of CODAS processing that used Matlab. We no longer update or fix the Matlab processing code, but we will maintain the Matlab code that reads CODAS Matlab output. Although the notes refer to both Python and Matlab processing, none of the code here will be maintained. This (now retired) documentation and code will remain available for awhile longer.

Python processing code is actively maintained and developed, and CODAS Python processing is documented here.

Some kind of data treatment is necessary because the acquisition programs write binary files to the disk that are not readable by commercial plotting packages. In fact, there are not actually any ocean velocities stored in the files. A shipboard ADCP reports currents measured along each of its beams. These currents must be transformed into earth coordinates, and the motion of the ship taken out. Ancillary data such as heading and position are used to determine the ocean velocity from the measured velocities.