CODAS InstallationΒΆ


As of April 2013, this version of the documentation is no longer maintained; however, it is consistent with the last (now retired) version of CODAS processing that used Matlab. We no longer update or fix the Matlab processing code, but we will maintain the Matlab code that reads CODAS Matlab output. Although the notes refer to both Python and Matlab processing, none of the code here will be maintained. This (now retired) documentation and code will remain available for awhile longer.

Python processing code is actively maintained and developed, and CODAS Python processing is documented here.

CODAS software is designed to run on many platforms. Executables are written in C, and scripts run in Python and Matlab. We have recently transitioned all CODAS processing of UHDAS data to Python. The Matlab code still runs, and will be minimally maintained for awhile, but will not undergo any more development. This code was last maintained on R2007b, but it is known to work on some later versions.

Unmaintained installation instructions for the now retired code base follow:


Let us know ( if you are installing CODAS programs and want to be informed if there are updates or bug fixes.