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LADCP CLIVAR Computer Overview


UH LADCP CLIVAR documentation can be reached with a web browser at /home/currents/programs/ladcp_srcdoc/index.html

LADCP documentation is buried in /home/currents/rdi_docs.

LADCP data: acquisition, backup, and processing

The primary goal in the LADCP component of the CLIVAR cruise is to get LADCP data from each cast. Other factors to consider are

  • ensuring all ancillary data are present
  • ensuring there are sufficient backups of data to survive the loss of a hard drive or a computer. The rule of thumb is at least two copies on two media
  • two computers, one primarily for data logging (very close to the LADCP) and one primary for data processing, but both should be sufficiently mirrored to be able to continue working with just one, if the other fails

The general scheme of the LADCP computers will be to have

  1. one computer for acquisition (logging data); it will probably live in a lab close to the rosette hangar (because the cable can’t reach too far)
    • it will have a USB disk attached
    • it will be on the network
    • it will export the /home directory to the processing computer
    • it will have a serial port (built in, or more likely with a dongle of some kind: USB, Expresscard,...)
  2. one computer for processing. This computer will hopefully live in the same room where the CTD console is.
    • it will be on the network
    • it may also have a USB disk attached
    • it will export the /home directory to the acquisition computer

Each computer has a primary role, and there is an order in which data will be moved from one computer to the other to

  • minimize confusion and the possibility of a mistake
  • make it as easy as possible to use one computer for the other’s task

Here are some cartoons to illustrate

  1. Each computer gets data from an external source

    • LADCP Acquisition computer gets data from the LADCP

    cartoon: computer roles

    • Processing computer gets ancillary data from other computers

    cartoon: computer roles

  2. LADCP data are copied from the acquisition computer to the “data” location on the processing computer

cartoon: back up LADCP data

  1. Data Processing is run on the processing computer, figures are generated

  2. after processing,

    • figures might be linked into the web directory for others to see
    • ladcp logging directory is backed up to processing computer
      • at this stage the processing computer could be used as the acquisition computer if the acquisition computer failed
    • cruise directory is backed up to acquisition computer
      • at this stage the acquisition computer could be used as a processing computer if the processing computer failed
    • cruise directory is also backed up to USB disk (the one on the acquisition computer)
      • this disk should be carried home on a separate plane from the laptops.
    • there may also be a USB disk on the processing computer, in which case the cruise directory could be copied to the second USB disk as well.

cartoon: back up both computers