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Plot Scalar Timeseries data, generate log fileΒΆ

After acquiring the LADCP data, make a diagnostics plot and a record of cast depth (first look) to see if there are any problems.

For the LADCP demo, this would be:

From the CRUISE/data/ladcp directory,

## save the figures to the web site.
## this is a link to CRUISE/web/qc_plots


(1) quick look

ladcp_rawplot.py --save --out $outdir --plot scalars --show wh010_01.dat

(2) more plots; do not show, but save all

ladcp_rawplot.py --save --out $outdir wh010_01.dat

The most important questions are:

  • did the LADCP return data for the whole cast?
  • are all beams functioning?

Example of a full profile:


Example of a partial profile: