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Copy CTD data: example from I5S_2009ΒΆ

At the beginning of the cruise the source of the CTD data (/home/science/I5S_2009/clivar_I5S_2009_shared) was created and linked to a directory located on the CTD groups data server. The processing computer needs to be able to access that directory: See the section Automount and nfs or ask the local computer technician if needed.

The directory provided by the CTD group had more files than we wanted, so the option exclude was used for each subdirectory we wanted to avoid copying. See man rsync and rsync --help for details.

# copy ctd 2db data, exclude "TS-0.5" and "TM" directories

rsync -auv  --exclude=TS-0.5 --exclude=TM /home/science/I5S_2009/clivar_I5S_2009_shared/HydroData/CTD/     /home/science/current_cruise/data/ctd_2db

# copy ctd time series data, exclude "TM"

rsync -auv --exclude=TM   /home/science/I5S_2009/clivar_I5S_2009_shared/HydroData/CTD/TS-0.5/     /home/science/current_cruise/data/ctd_timeseries