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Falkor Shipboard ADCP data

The R/V Falkor is funded by Schmidt Ocean Institute, and supports oceanographic research and technology development by providing a platform for these activities. Ocean current profiles are sometimes in the cruise plan, and during those times they are measured using hull-mount acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCP).

Presently one instrument is installed, a 75-kHz Ocean Surveyor (OS75). The WH300 has failed and when need arises, a pole-mounted WH300 has been installed (on-station only). Both instruments were made by Teledyne RD Instruments. The OS75 can be operated simultaneously with two types of pings: uncoded pings ("narrowband" or NB), and coded pings ("broadband" or BB). The former provides better range but less vertical resolution than the latter. The two types of pings are processed independently and presented here as separate data sets. In addition to the velocity measurements, transducer temperature measurements are shown. These should be regarded as providing only very approximate and qualitative information; the transducers are installed in fluid-filled wells, the temperature of which is often substantially higher than that of the seawater outside. The ADCP systems are not run continuously. The data presented below comprise all cruises with more than 2 hours of ADCP data.

Acquisition of these shipboard ADCP measurements is funded by the science project at hand. Process and monitoring of the system are funded by Scmidt Ocean Institute.

For each cruise we provide a set of links to data plots (left column), to the data location in the NODC JASADCP (center, if present), and to netcdf files with the ADCP data and predicted barotropic tides (right column).

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FK170124 2017/01/26 to 2017/02/15

Thumbnail map showing labelled sections for which data are available
2017/01/26 to 2017/02/15

-- netCDF


2014 2015 2017