WOCE Atlantic Lowered ADCP data

WOCE cruises in the Atlantic included data from a lowered acoustic Doppler current profiler (LADCP) mounted on the underwater hydrographic frame which provided full ocean depth profiles of horizontal currents at each station. Details regarding the LADCP instrument and LADCP data processing may be found in Hacker et al. [1996] and Fischer and Visbeck [1993].

Links to contour plots of the velocity data in gif format are provided in the tables below. The first column of each table provides the section label. The geographic location of each section is shown in the three maps shown below. Access to postscript format files is available when the gif files are viewed.

Each image has four panels. In the two uppermost panels, shipboard acoustic Doppler profiler data (SADCP) and LADCP are contoured over the upper 400~m of the water column. Directly beneath these panels, the LADCP data are contoured over the full depth of the water column. Barotropic tides predicted by the the TOPEX/POSEIDON global tidal model, TPXO.3  [Egbert et al., 1997, and Dushaw et al.  1994] are shown in the bottom panel of each image and have been subtracted from the SADCP and LADCP velocities before contouring.

The contour plots display shaded velocity values between +/- 100 cm s-1. Contour intervals are 10 cm s-1 with two additional contours
at +/- 5 cm s-1.

All plots were made in matlab: projections used in maps from the m_map package

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 9531885.


Fall 1996 Spring 1997 Fall 1997
cross track  along track cross track  along track cross track  along track
North         Y   Y         Y   Y         Y   Y
    Irm         Y   Y         Y   Y         Y   Y
    Mar         Y   Y         Y   Y         Y   Y
    Ice         Y   Y         Y   Y         Y   Y
    Roc         Y   Y         Y   Y         Y   Y
AzEast         Y   Y         Y   Y
South         Y   Y         Y   Y
    IrmSouth         Y   Y         Y   Y
    AzWest         Y   Y         Y   Y         Y   Y
zonal   meridional
ReykR         Y   Y


Spokes along Celtic Coast

cross track    along track
Fall 1996
   54N  Y      Y
   51N  Y      Y
   49N  Y      Y
Spring 1997
   54N  Y      Y
Fall 1997
   53N  Y      Y
   51N  Y      Y



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