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Data to bring back from the cruiseΒΆ

These data types have been discussed in other locations but this is a summary:

The UH LADCP cruise directory for a given cruise should contain the following data:

  • shipboard ADCP data (will come from one of these sources):

    • UHDAS: Mount the data disk from the uhdas computer “currents”. (instructions are here).

      The disk, (say it’s called “data”), will have a subdirector for the present cruise (eg. km0508). Get the whole directory. It will include subdirectories: raw, rbin, gbin, proc

    • VmDAS: Get everything for the whole cruise.

      That will include all kinds of files, including suffixes (*LOG, *VMO, *ENR, *ENS, *ENX, *STA, *LTA) as well as the text file used for acquisition.

  • Lowered ADCP data (the whole ladcp logging directory)

  • Ancillary data for LADCP

    • ctd time series (.5s or 1s, for LADCP processing)
    • ctd_2db 2db processed CTD data; for science
    • gps 1-second GPGGA data
    • xbt (if they exist)
    • underway meteorological data, sst...