GO-SHIP SADCP Cruise List & Lines

GO-SHIP Cruise Lines
GO-SHIP map and cruise lines; U.S. GO-SHIP occupations with shipboard ADCP are shown in the table. Click the cruise name to visit the cruise page, which contains data and figures.
Cruise Line Alias Ship Start Date
2023_I05 I05 rr2308 Roger Revelle 2023/07/01
2023_A16N_leg2 A16N rb2301_leg2 Ronald H. Brown 2023/04/13
2023_A16N_leg1 A16N rb2301_leg1 Ron Brown 2023/03/06
2022_P02W P02W rr2204 Roger Revelle 2022/04/30
2022_P02E P02E rr2205 Roger Revelle 2022/06/13
2021_A22 A22 tn390 Thomas G. Thompson 2021/04/20
2021_A20 A20 tn389 Thomas G. Thompson 2021/03/16
2019_I06S I06S tn366 Thomas G. Thompson 2019/04/03
2018_S04P S04P nbp1802 N.B. Palmer 2018/03/10
2017_P06W P06W nbp1706 N.B. Palmer 2017/07/03
2017_P06E P06E nbp1707 N.B. Palmer 2017/08/20
2016_P18_leg2 P18 rb1606_leg2 Ronald H. Brown 2017/01/01
2016_P18_leg1 P18 rb1606_leg1 Ronald H. Brown 2016/11/12
2016_I09N I09N rr1604 R.Revelle 2016/03/21
2016_I08S I08S rr1603 R.Revelle 2016/02/08
2015_P16N_leg2 P16N rb1503_leg2 Ron Brown 2015/05/26
2015_P16N_leg1 P16N rb1503_leg1 Ron Brown 2015/04/10
2015_ARC01 ARC01 hly1502 Healy 2015/09/11
2014_P16S P16S nbp1403 N.B. Palmer 2014/03/24
2014_A16S A16S rb1307 Ronald H Brown 2013/12/23
2013_P02W P02W mv1305 Melville 2013/03/21
2013_P02E P02E mv1306 Melville 2013/05/08
2013_A16N A16N rb1304 Ronald H Brown 2013/09/18
2012_A22 A22 at20_leg1 Atlantis 2012/03/24
2012_A20 A20 at20_leg2 Atlantis 2012/04/17
2011_S04P S04P nbp1102 N.B.Palmer 2011/02/19
2011_A10 A10 rb1102 Ron Brown 2011/09/26
2010_P06_leg2 P06 mv1001 Melville 2010/01/05
2010_A13p5 A13p5 rb1002 Ronald H. Brown 2010/03/08
2009_P06_leg1 P06 mv0911 Melville 2009/11/21
2009_I5 I5 rr0903 Roger Revelle 2009/03/20
2008_P18_leg2 P18 rb0801 Ronald H. Brown 2008/01/19
2008_I6S I6S knox14rr Roger Revelle 2008/02/04
2007_P18_leg1 P18 rb0711 Ronald H. Brown 2007/12/15
2007_I9N I9N knox04rr Roger Revelle 2007/03/22
2007_I8S I8S knox03rr Roger Revelle 2007/02/04
2006_P16N_leg2 P16N TN191_leg2 Thomas G. Thompson 2006/03/10
2006_P16N_leg1 P16N TN191_leg1 Thomas G. Thompson 2006/02/13
2005_P16S P16S zhng01rr Roger Revelle 2005/01/09
2005_A16S A16S rb0501 Ronald H. Brown 2005/01/11
2004_P02_leg2 P02 mv0408 Melville 2004/07/28
2004_P02_leg1 P02 mv0407 Melville 2004/06/15
2003_A22 A22 kn173b Knorr 2003/10/16
2003_A20 A20 kn173a Knorr 2003/09/15
2003_A16N A16N rb0304 Ronald H. Brown 2003/06/19