Station ALOHA Shipboard ADCP


The Hawaii Ocean Time-series project involves cruises to Station ALOHA nearly every month, starting in October 1988. Most of these cruises have been on ships equipped with acoustic Doppler current profilers, the observations from which are presented here. Continuous time series of currents at ALOHA are available elsewhere from the WHOTS mooring.


Shipboard ADCP data have been processed with CODAS software, developed and maintained by the Currents Group at the University of Hawaii.

Funding from the National Science Foundation via grants OCE-0752606, OCE-0926766, OCE-1260164, and OCE-1756517, is gratefully acknowledged.

Appendix: NetCDF files for shipboard ADCP data

For each cruise, the processed shipboard ADCP data and a corresponding estimate of the barotropic tide are provided as netcdf files, individually and aggregated by cruise and by year. For more information, follow this link.