GO-SHIP Lowered ADCP Currents

This web site displays processed ocean current profiles from Lowered ADCPs in the GO-SHIP program. All data shown here were collected and processed by Dr. Andreas Thurnherr at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University.


  • "LADCP numbers" are used to identify the processed LADCP data. These may or may not match the CCHDO CTD station numbers. The Cruise Page metadata indicates the status of the "LADCP Numbers" and the Downloads page has a translation.

Data and figures can be found via a cruise list or a gallery of cruise tracks over topography. For each cruise there are plots of velocity along consecutive Sections of the cruise track, as well as individual station plots (click the Profiles tab). Within the Profiles tab, click on any of the figures with a label "LADCP Number" to see the same profile plot in a new browser tab, with additional metadata, topographic context, and downloads, including all diagnostic plots generated by the processing software. This profile page view includes arrow buttons allowing you to step sequentially through the profiles, backwards or forwards.

Returning to a cruise page, there are three additional tabs. The Diagnostics tab provides a single table with all diagnostic plots for all profiles. The Data tab provides a similar single table with individual profile data downloads in Netcdf, Matlab, and ASCII formats. The Downloads tab contains links to gzipped tar files with data and plots from the entire cruise, and to a variety of documentation and metadata files.

We are working to archive the GO-SHIP LADCP data at NCEI and once that process is complete, we will provide a link to that location.

This web page is a work in progress. Earlier web pages are here:

Acquisition and processing of these measurements has been funded by the National Science Foundation grants OCE-0223505, OCE-0752970, and OCE-1437015.