CODAS InstallationΒΆ

CODAS software is designed to run on most common platforms. Executables are written in C, and scripts run in Python. Please see this table to see whether your data can be processed with Python.

We are no longer maintaining CODAS Matlab processing, but we will continue to support the programs used to read CODAS Matlab output files, raw ADCP datafiles, rbins.


The installation procedure for CODAS processing supports the use of Python2 or Python3, and is a move towards accepted standards for python packages. This new installation mechanism also greatly simplifies the users $PATH environment variable.

Although the CODAS processing code can be updated using Mercurial, there are enough other changes to the installation procedure that it is sometimes better to just throw away the old version and start over – it all depends on how old your installation is. If you have a question about this, please email us and we’ll help you figure out the best way forward. Contact for help.

Note that the easiest installation mechanisms below to “uninstall” are the Virtual Computer and Anaconda.


Let us know ( if you are installing CODAS programs and want to be informed if there are updates or bug fixes.