Test the CODAS Python InstallationΒΆ

Here are some somple tests to see whether the everything in the CODAS Python installation is working correctly.

  1. Start a Terminal window
  2. go to the UH programs directory, eg for LInux or OSX:
cd /home/adcpcode/programs/qpy_demos

or for Windows:

chdir C:\home\adcpcode\programs\qpy_demos
  1. Verify that you have at last the adcp_pyproc and uhdas_data. On Linux or OSX, type

On Windows, type

  1. go to the postprocessing demo, into the directory for the os38nb processing:
cd adcp_pyproc/km1001c_postproc/os38nb
  1. Verify that the codas3 binaries are found.

    Specifically, look at the UHDAS post-processing database with showdb. Run this command:

showdb adcpdb/a_km

It should come back with a menu like this:

DBOPEN DATABASE NAME = adcp_pyproc/km1001c_postproc/os38nb/adcpdb/a_km

BLK:     0   OPEN: 1    PRF:     0   OPEN: 1    IER:      0

1 - Show BLK DIR HDR          10 - SRCH TIME
2 - Show BLK DIR              11 - SRCH BLK/PRF
3 - Show BLK DIR ENTRY        12 - MOVE
4 - Show BLK HDR              13 - GET TIME
5 - Show PRF DIR              14 - GET POS
6 - Show PRF DIR ENTRY        15 - GET DEPTH RANGE
7 - Show DATA LIST            16 - GET DATA
8 - Show DATA DIR             17 - Show Data Present
9 - Show STRUCT DEFN          18 - SHOW BLK FTR
                     99 - QUIT

Type 99 to quit

  1. Look at the figures in that directory:
figview.py --type png
  1. Look at the data with the viewer:


If you are using OSX and Anaconda, please see this note for aliases that will let you run dataviewer.py