A shipboard ADCP reports currents measured along each of its beams. Some kind of data treatment is necessary to read these files, combine them with ancillary measurements such as heading and position, transform beam velocities into earth coordinates, and remove the motion of the ship to obtain the final product: ocean velocity.

CODAS software is designed to run on many platforms. Executables are written in C, and scripts run in Python. Please see this table to see whether your data can be processed with Python.

We are no longer maintaining CODAS Matlab processing. We will continue to support the Matlab programs used to read CODAS Matlab output files, raw ADCP datafiles, and rbins.


2015/05/01: The installation procedure for CODAS processing code has changed. The new mechanism supports the use of Python2 or Python3, and is a move towards accepted standards for python packages. This new installation mechanism also greatly simplifies the users $PATH environment variable.

As always, the version of CODAS documentation installed on the processing computer at the same time as the processing programs, is the version consistent with that processing code.

Most of the user interface for Python processing has not changed, and most of this on-line processing documentation will work for any generation of Python-processing code. Just keep that in mind if you have a problem and send email asking for help.