Using Nikola to modernize our web site

We have maintained a web site for many years, but we never paid much attention to its design; it has been a hodge-podge of files and pages with a hand-edited index.html. Recently we received a request from an outside organization to provide a link to a page for our group--but our home page was so embarrassing that I decided we had to spiff it up. I wanted a site that would be reasonably modern in overall appearance, functional on mobile devices, and easy to set up and maintain. This called for a static site generator. I've been using Sphinx for my course web sites, but suspected there might be another tool (written in Python, of course) that would be better for our group home page. That led me to two candidates: Lektor and Nikola. Both look good, but I chose the latter, in part because out of the box it supports source files in a wide variety of formats.