Software and Documentation

We develop and maintain software primarily related to ADCP data acquisition and processing. It is available from our Mercurial stable repositories. Our development repositories are also public.


Some packages (e.g. codas3, pycurrents, pytide) will be useful outside our group; others may be in an early development stage, or not sufficiently general to be adopted elsewhere.

Shipboard ADCP Data Acquisition and Processing: UHDAS

Our shipboard ADCP data acquisition system is called University of Hawaii Data Acquisition System, or UHDAS. (It is pronounced 'U. H. Das'; we didn't put enough thought into naming it to arrive at a good acronym, so this is what we are stuck with). It is much more than a program; it is a full Linux computer system configured to acquire, process, and serve data from any number of shipboard ADCP instruments together with the essential ancillary measurements of the ship's position and heading from any number of navigation devices. To learn more, see the sample snapshot of the on-board UHDAS web site from one of the ships on which it is installed.

The automated processing executed by UHDAS several times per hour uses our ADCP data processing software, generally known as CODAS (originally meaning Common Oceanographic Data Access System, referring to its core database component). This software is also used in post-processing ADCP datasets: for hand-editing, filling gaps in sensor inputs, determining and applying calibration factors, etc.

Extensive documentation is provided for both UHDAS and CODAS. It covers installation and use of CODAS processing software, and operation of a UHDAS system.


Building a UHDAS system without our direct involvement is not supported.

Lowered ADCP Operations

We no longer support our original shear-method LADCP software, which was an ungainly mixture of C, Perl, and Matlab. We suggest that LADCP users adopt an alternative software package from Andreas Thurnherr.