Reuse editing during a cruise

If you are at sea and want to update the codas processing directory every day and re-use the previous editing, these are your instructions.

- yesterday (day 7 of the cruise) you copied the os75nb processing
  directory to your working location and did the editing.
- today is day 8 and you want to use the editing you did yesterday
  so you don't have to do it again.

     You just copied the processing directory          This is the directory from day 7
     over to this location.  No editing                with some editing done
     has been done.

     new processing, no editing done                   old processing, with editing
   =============================================     ===========================================
                                                     46530 Apr  9 15:49 abadbin.asclog
                                                     3451  Apr  9 15:39 abottom.asclog
                                                     13450 Apr  9 15:51 abadprf.asclog
                                                       112 Apr  9 15:51 edit.log

Records of the editing are stored in logfiles are called: - abadbin.asclog - abadprf.asclog - abottom.asclog


  1. Take each file of those *asclog files from yesterday’s processing directory (“edit” folder) and copy them to the NEW processing directory (“edit” folder)

  2. In the NEW processing director, “edit” folder, rename each file:

    mv  abadbin.asclog   abadbin.asc
    mv  abadprf.asclog   abadprf.asc
    mv  abottom.asclog   abottom.asc
  1. change directories to the root of the processing directory:

    cd ..
  1. run this command:

    quick_adcp.py --steps2rerun  apply_edit:navsteps:calib --auto

(5) use dataviewer.py to verify that the editing has occured. Also, in the NEW processing directory, you should have abadbin.asclog, abadprf.asclog, abottom.asclog.