2.4.2. LTA Processing with adcp_database_maker.py


Directory Strategy

To simplify the documentation, these instructions assume you have set up your directories as in Directory Setup and you are doing your processing demos in my_adcp_py3demos/adcp_pyproc

your practice directory                 source
-----------------------                -----------

my_adcp_py3demos/adcp_pyproc                 (new, WORKING IN HERE)
my_adcp_py3demos/uhdas_data                  copy of adcp_py3demos/uhdas_data
my_adcp_py3demos/vmdas_data                  copy of adcp_py3demos/vmdas_data
my_adcp_py3demos/uhdas_style_data            (new, empty, for VmDAS conversion)

Click the image of the adcp_database_maker.py overview to enlarge.

adcp_database_maker.py overview

Run adcp_database_maker.py from your adcp_pyproc directory. Check the adcp_database_maker.py overview.

In the Virtual Computer that means:

cd ~/my_adcp_py3demos/adcp_pyproc

The adcp_database_maker.py window will pop up:

vmdas form before filling

Navigate up one directory so you can choose the vmdas_data directory

vmdas data selection

Select the vmdas_data directory…

vmdas data selection

… and then choose ps0918

vmdas form before filling

Now, if you haven’t already created a Project Directory for your VmDAS data processing, you can do it in the GUI.

  • create (or navigate to) adcp_pyproc/ps0918_vmdas to store your processing directories and text files:

  • fill in the cruise name (ps0918)


vmdas form before filling


vmdas form after filling

The full window looks like this.

  • choose “Convert *LTA files”

vmdas form afterfilling
  • […then you wait…]

The log window comes back with useful information, telling you about

  • the steps it is running

  • what it found

  • what to do next

Your command-line terminal also has the “what to do next”

Review this file:
...or scroll up to read (contents shown above)

This important information contains:
   - comments about the dataset
   - steps to take in postprocessing

You can view the dataset immediately using dataviewer.py:

  dataviewer.py /home/adcpproc/my_adcp_py3demos/adcp_pyproc/ps0918_vmdas/os75bb_LTA

When it is done, you can do the post-processing steps.

At this stage, your ps0918_vmdas project directory directory will look like this:

overview of adcp_database_maker

and the following new items have been created:

Now you can go into the os75bb_LTA directory and proceed with the post-processing steps. These steps are covered in the VmDas LTA Post-processing Demo

There are two more demos for loading the LTA data into a CODAS processing directory, in the commandline demos:

Available Demos